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Plant Maintenance Implementation

 In the area of maintenance planning and management, we help companies optimize management processes for repair and maintenance of buildings, machinery and various equipment. As part of the solution, we offer: 
  • Link maintenance objects to assets 
  • Monitoring of maintenance objects and their structures,
  • Monitoring the value of spare parts stocks,
  • Optimization of spare parts stocks,
  • Optimization of supplier-customer relations,
  • Contracts for the maintenance and supply of spare parts, 
  • Repairs of spare parts, 
  • Monitoring calibrations and revisions,
  • Monitoring of repair and maintenance process - internal, external maintenance, 
  • Monitoring of guarantees, life of machines, equipment and spare parts, 
  • Automation of ordering spare parts and maintenance services, 
  • Implementation of preventive maintenance,
  • Real-time monitoring of the cost of equipment and maintenance objects, 
  • Monitoring the implementation of the maintenance and repair cost plan.